AVEMAX Knee Type

  • Meehanite casting with annealing and stress relieving treatment.
  • Rubber wipers installed on all slidways (column, ram and knee).
  • Square way designed on Y and column slidways.
  • Longer saddle ensures the working stability.
  • Turcite-B coated on X and Y ways.
  • Precision ballscrews on X and Y ways.
  • 5HP heavy duty head , and Hi-Low speed changed by gear transmission (without timing belt).
  • Inverter or servo motor on X and Y with variable speed change , both offer high working efficiency.
  • Electromagnetic clutch on X and Y , protecting workpieces or tools from damage.
Specification VH-250VS
Table Size (L x W) 1270×305 mm
T slots (NumberxWidthxInterval) 3×16 mm
Longitudinal travel (Manual) Nil
Longitudinal travel (Auto feed) 900 mm
Cross travel 400 mm
Vertical travel 450 mm
Table load capacity 600 kgs
Ram travel 600 mm
Vertical spindle
Spindle speed Step head Nil
Variable speed head Low: 0~480High: 0~3600
Taper NST#40
Quill stroke 140mm
Quill stroke 0.035/0.007/0.14 mm/rev
Head swiveling (R&L) 45°
Spindle nose to table surface 130-580 mm (Opt. 650mm)
Spindle center to column front surface 185-685 mm
Horizontal spindle
Spindle speed 50HZ low: 40~200 High: 200~98060HZ low: 48~240 High: 240~1180
Taper NST#40
Feed Rate
XY cutting feed 1500 mm/min
XY rapid traverse 3000 mm/min
Spindle motor Vertical spindle 5HP inverter motor
Horizontal spindle 5HP inverter motor
XY axes motor 1/2HP
Lifting motor 1HP
Coolant pump 1/6
Overall height 2550 mm
Overall depth 2150 mm
Overall width 1970 mm
Net weight 2500 kgs