CHEVALIER High Efficiency Profile Grinding Center (CNC series)

  • FMG-B1224
  • FMG-1632CNC-HD
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  • Optimized structure
  • Structure designed via Chevalier R&D Team, after precision analysis for machine structure, that we use of column traveling &  fully support design, effectively improve the working rigidity and machine stability, provide high grinding efficiency and stable machining accuracy.
  • Fully enclosure cover design
  • The fully enclosure cover design provides more protection, preventing the splash of cutting coolant and oil mist dissipation. Fully protect the operator to avoid grinding danger.
  • All new SMART-iControl
  • The powerful computing power of the SMART-iControl enhances the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for high precise control, and combined with network connectivity for data analysis to help managers improve from the production process. Achieve the benefits of increased productivity

FMG-1632CNC With accumulated experience in designing, production, application and software integration of CNC profile grinding machine, and combine with the market demand for more automatic and higher efficient machine, this high production grinding centers has been developed. The flexible and creative design and powerful function make the machine suitable for current and future grinding requirement, such as complicated shape workpieces, difficult machining material & hard and brittle material with high grinding efficiency and high accuracy.

  • Automobile industry.
  • Punch mould industry.
  • Medical instrument industry.
  • Ceramic and quartz industry.
  • Semiconductor industry.
  • IT industry.
  • Aerospace industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Cam plate and shape machining industry.
  • Many other applications.
  • Spindle speed : 6000rpm/ 1500rpm (opt.).
  • Rapid on (X/Y/Z) axes: 25/3.8/4 m/min.
  • Positioning accuracy: JIS B6338-1985 0.004mm.
  • Positioning accuracy: VDI 3441 P 0.010mm.
  • Repeatability accuracy: JIS B6338-1985 +-0.002mm.
  • Repeatability accuracy: VDI 3441 PS 0.010mm.
  • Table Size (W x L): 400 x 810mm (16″ x 32″)
  • Max. Table Load: 1,500kg (3,326 lbs.)
  • Column moving, and capable of Creep Feed function
  • Spindle Speed: 1,800rpm (Optional 6,000rpm)
  • Table Speed: 
    X-Axis 10~25,000mm/min (0~88fpm)
    Y-Axis 0~3,800mm/min (0~12.5fpm)
    Z-Axis 0~4,000mm/min (0~13fpm)
  • Spindle motor: up to 75HP