Vision Wide Tech 5-axis
Universal Machining Center
​( ASM/ASM-FD Series )

  • ASM is the first 5-axis CNC turning and milling machining center of Vision Wide, and it is particularly designed for delicate cylindrical components machining featuring high acceleration, rapid feed-rate and synchronized axes machining, especially for aerospace components, tire moulds, turbine blades and aluminium parts.

ASM accessorizes with 5-axis universal head and rotary shafts built-in D.D motor. Through topology analysis, ASM realizes the best distance between tool center point and B-axis transmission

  • Positioning P0.006mm
  • Repeatability Ps0.0055mm
  • Spindle thermal compensation 0.02 mm
  • Rapid Traverse 40m/min
  • Acceleration 0.3G
  • Cutting Feed rate 24 m/min
ModelUnitASM-1012ASM-1212ASM-1612ASM-1612GASM-1012 FDASM-1212 FDASM-1612 FDASM-1612G FD
X axismm1,0001,2501,6201,6201,0001,2501,6201,620
Y axismm1,260
Z axismm1,050
Table diametermmØ1,000Ø1,200Ø1,500Ø1,500Ø1,000Ø1,200Ø1,500Ø1,500
Max. table load (center)kg2,0002,0003,0003,0002,0002,0003,0003,000
Spindle speedrpm10,0007,00010,0007,000
Cutting feed ratemm/min1~24,000
Rapid Traverse (x/y/z)m/min40 / 40 / 4040 / 40 / 24